Old School VS New School Cookware Sets

When it comes to cooking, cast iron material is arguably the best tool for the job. Cast iron pots and skillets can handle any heat you can give them, you can drop them as much as you want with no damage to the cookware, and cast iron cookware can even make you a healthier person just for using it. With these great benefits, who wouldn’t want to purchase cast iron cookware? For those of us who like to know a little bit about prices and quality before you purchase, CookWithTina might be helpful for you. Here a couple of the best cast iron cookware set that you can buy in my opinion.

Indestructible Cast Iron Cookware

The Lodge L5HS3 5-piece pre-seasoned cast iron cookware set which you can find on Amazon is hands down my first recommendation when it comes to any cast iron cookware set. This set includes a round griddle, 2 skillets, a Dutch oven, and an iron cover. With the many items included in this set, you are pretty much set for any stove top cooking that you desire. Not only that, but this set can also be used to cook over campfires and grills! The set also comes pre-seasoned meaning that all your food has great potential to come out delicious and you don’t have to endure the process of seasoning your own skillets. This set is currently on sale for $139.95 on Amazon and is a great option for anybody who is looking to have a durable, multi-purpose set for many years to come.

Another great cast iron cookware set is the Berghoff Neo 5-piece cookware set. This set is better suited for someone who is looking to spend more money for a more vibrant looking set and currently sells at bedbathandbeyond.com for $219.99. The set includes a stockpot complete with a lid, a casserole pot complete with a lid, and a skillet. This set contains all the features of any other cast iron set with it’s insane durability and awesome heat capacity but this set brings something special to the table too. This cast iron set has a beautiful design and is available in multiple colors, assuring that you can find the right set to add a little color to your kitchen. This set should also be able to handle any stove top food you wish to cook, but unfortunately only comes with one skillet which limits how many things you can fry/saute at one time. That being said, this is a great choice for anyone looking for a fancy cast iron set and is definitely well worth the money.

So whether you are looking to spend smaller amounts of money on a multi-purpose, plain looking cast iron set, or a little more money on a nicer looking set, these are my two favorite sets and I would recommend them to anybody.

My Favourite Knife Sets

I’ve worked with a lot knife sets but these two have made a lasting impression on me. Even though I’ve used them, I have yet to purchase a knife set for myself. I find it hard to conclude which one is the best. Today, I will just recommend both of them as the best knife sets to buy. The knife sets that I’m talking about is the Shun Classic 7-Piece Block Set and the Wusthof Classic 7-Piece Knife Block Set. The Shun comes with a Bamboo block while the Wusthof comes with an Oak block.

The Japanese Knife Set

The Shun set gives you an 8-inch chef’s knife, a 9-inch bread knife, a 3 1/2-inch paring knife, a 6-inch utility knife, a sharpening steel and a pair of Taskmaster shears. The bamboo block that it comes with has 11 slots which gives you four empty slots left to fill in. These knives are made out of premium Japanese stainless steel which are then cladded with 32 layers of stainless alloy. This does not only make the knives sharp and strong, it gives a Damascus finish to it.

If you’re used to German knives, you might find that this knife’s blade is thinner but it doesn’t stop from slicing through poultry like butter. The round PakkaWood handle is very easy to grip on. Even though it’s shiny, it does not slip out of your hands easily. (More on Shun here)

The German Knife Set

The Wusthof also comes with few types of knives. The only differences is an 8-inch bread knife and the 13-slot storage block so you have more slots to fill in your knives. Wusthof has been making forged full tang knives for a long time and these knives are known to last a long time.

The blade is razor sharp that I’ve accidentally cut myself a few times. Moreover, the whole knife is very well-balanced. I really like that they added a full bolster to it as it adds more weight. Imagine slicing through butternut squash effortlessly. Another thing I really like about this knife set is that, the handle is very comfortable to grip on. I’ve even peeled through a sack of potatoes with the paring knife without suffering.

Either of these knife set will be an asset to your kitchen as at the end of the day, the choice depends on how you feel with the knife.

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Poverty, Simple Living & the Gospel

Poverty, Simple Living & the Gospel

Poverty, Simple Living & the Gospel

I just finished reading “Happy Are You Poor” by Thomas Dubay which is about what “authentic Gospel poverty” means.  He basically questions how anyone can call themselves a follower of Christ without a striving towards poverty as expressed in the Gospel.  Dubay distinguishes poverty from destitution, and the different levels that are proper to one’s vocation (i.e. religious, lay single, married) but overall the book is a really challenging read.

How we spend our money is of the utmost importance.  And when millions of people are starving while America is an obese nation, it becomes all the more important to give the topic serious thought.  But it’s an especially difficult subject since we all have our own idea of what is a decent standard of living, of what a “simple living” is.

Is owning one car too materialistic or ok?  Two cars?  Three cars?  What about $100 dinners?  $200 dinners?  Or yearly vacations?  Or $100 pairs of pants?  Or $50 pants?  There’s no doubt that what you would call “excess” on this list, someone else would view as a necessity and not a luxury.

And since it will be a while before I can clarify my thoughts on the subject, better to just share with you some of the questions Dubay poses that are certainly worth considering:

  • Am I in love with God?  If not, why not?  What else matters?
  • Do I rationalize my lack of factual frugality on the plea that “after all, I am detached from what I have?”
  • Is my concern for the dire destitution of the millions in the third and fourth worlds mostly abstract, or does it change my concrete manner of living?
  • Do I give to the poor not only from my superfluities but also from my own need?
  • Am I vain in my dress…home…its furnishings…cars…or other possessions?

I know it’s much easier to just click away from the blog and not give it a second thought, but as Christians, how we live either enhances or reduces the credibility of the Gospel – so think about it!